Kosovo and Albania will have a unified diplomacy

Kosovo and Albania will have a unified diplomacy

Kosovo and Albania will have a unified diplomacy in the international arena. The two countries have signed an agreement which will see the opening of joint embassies and consulates.

Besides saving money, the establishment of joint diplomatic centers will also enable a better diplomatic coordination between the two countries.

This has been achieved through an agreement signed between Kosovo’s Foreign Minister, Behgjet Pacolli and his Albanian counterpart, Gent Cakaj.

Both ministers have stressed that unification of diplomacy is a practice used in many countries and is in line with international practices.

Minister Cakaj declared that with this agreement, Albania assumes full responsibility of representing Kosovo in those countries where it is impossible for Kosovo to have a diplomatic center.

The agreement also provides a joint fund for the management and the establishment of joint diplomatic centers around the world.

Kosovo’s Foreign minister, Behgjet Pacolli said that Kosovo and Albania will coordinate foreign policy, they will create joint diplomatic missions and will jointly uphold national interests.

“As always, Albania will uphold Kosovo’s interests and Kosovo will do the same. We will be represented all over the world like two countries and one nation”, Pacolli said.

Since the declaration of the independence of Kosovo 11 years ago, Republic of Kosovo has been recognized by 116 states, although this number has often been disputed due to reports for withdrawal of the decision of several states to recognize Kosovo following Serbia’s lobbying efforts.

Based on official figures, Kosovo has diplomatic centers in 29 states. /ibna/