Kosovo and Albania with a joint food market

Kosovo and Albania with a joint food market

Pristina, January 15, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Kosovo and Albania will closely collaborate in order to have a joint food market.

This was said during a meeting between the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development, Memli Krasniqi and the Albanian Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Administration of Waters, Edmond Panariti.

Krasniqi said that this meeting had a special importance for further steps that will be taken by these two ministries. He also said that relations between Kosovo and Albania must be a good example of regional cooperation.

“We both agreed that cooperation in the domain of agriculture, food safety and other domains must be further pushed forward in the future in order to facilitate communication and help producers and businesses that we cover. We both believe that relations between Kosovo and Albania must be a good example of regional cooperation and there’s no doubt that the two governments are fully committed and this commitment has also been shown in the past”, said Krasniqi.

Albanian minister, Panariti, said that this meeting discussed on advancing with the successful cooperation between the two governments in the domain of agriculture and according to him, they mostly focused on facilitating the freedom of movement for products in both sides of the border.

“We have a joint package which was also approved by producers of both countries. This package will be formalized in the next government meeting as a unified package for the safety in exchanging grains and flour. We lift all barriers that acted as an obstacle last year for the free movement of grains. Today, I had the chance to present to minister Krasniqi our proposals for the unification of standards for other food products such as milk, wines, honey, oil, etc and we expect from Kosovo authorities to offer their opinion in order to come out with a joint package of standards, thus taking a resolved step for the unification of standards. We agreed on unifying documents that accompany agricultural products. This will remove all obstacles”, said Panariti.

Panariti also said that the two governments will  work in order to have a joint market, considering it as the true unification of Albanians.

“Both our countries must work together in a joint market. I consider this as the true unification of Albanians, the economic unification. By respecting each-other’s sovereignty, our countries create a joint economic space, where each one finds his own place in a joint market”, said he.

The next meeting between the two ministers will be held in Albania, where the documents will be signed in order for their implementation to start.

Today’s meeting was also commented by PM Edi Rama.

“Another step toward our nation’s joining forces! Today in Pristina, we decided to have a single certificate for agricultural products”, declared Rama. /ibna/