Kosovo alarms the EU: Serbia is not applying the agreements

Kosovo alarms the EU: Serbia is not applying the agreements

Pristina, 16 June 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Government of Kosovo has submitted today to the European Union the periodical report which offers an evaluation on the current situation as far as the Brussels’ dialogue is concerned, covering the period 1 January until 14 June 2016.

This report assesses the general progress and the challenges in the implementation of the Brussels’ agreements and handles each agreement in respect to the obligations of the respective sides undertaken during the Brussels’ dialogue. The report has been signed by the minister for Dialogue, Edita Tahiri, who is also the head negotiator in the Brussels’ Dialogue.

The report says that the Brussels’ dialogue is very important for Kosovo, because this dialogue contributes to peace and stability in the region, good neighboring relations and regional cooperation and that it contributes in the advancement of Kosovo’s objectives toward Euro Atlantic integration.

But, the report also says that the application of the agreements by Serbia has come to a halt.

“In the aspect of the application of the Brussels’ agreements, this period has not marked any substantial progress. Kosovo has been effective in meetings its obligations and has closely collaborated with the EU to move the process of the implementation of agreements forward. However, this cannot be said for Serbia, which has blocked the process of application, making no important movements in delivering its obligations”, the report states. /balkaneu.com/