Kosovo aims at improving the business environment

Kosovo aims at improving the business environment

Pristina, 23 February 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Government of Kosovo continues to make efforts in carrying out the reforms needed for the improvement of the business environment.

Minister of Commerce and Industry, Hykmete Bajrami says that several substantial actions have been taken in order to facilitate investment procedures and the business environment.

“The government has approved the Bill on Strategic Investments and the National Strategy for Development, which make up the document of strategic orientation of the Republic of Kosovo in the economic aspect during the next five years”, said minister Bajrami.

Kosovo’s progress has also been greeted by representatives of the World Bank in Pristina, who are supporting several projects for the realization of reforms for a competitive economy.

“In the recent reports, Kosovo has made progress in the aspect of doing business. But there’s still room for improvement. There must be commitment and leadership by competent authorities in addressing any challenges that businesses face”, was declared by Ernesto Franco-Temple of the World Bank.

Temple also said that Kosovo is not able to guarantee investors normal supply of energy and water and that there have been delays in issuing permits.

Meanwhile, Muhamet Mustafa, head of the Committee for Economic Development, says that businesses are facing many delays in courts and that these delays are risking making them bankrupt.

Mustafa says that lawsuits must not take longer than 6 months and according to him, they are currently taking up to 2 or 3 years.

As far as this issue is concerned, head of the Judicial Council, Enver Peci says that the judicial system is facing a large number of cases from businesses.

“Currently, a judge deliberates on average 270 cases a year, while according to recommendations, a judge must not deliberate more than 200 cases a year. We are hoping on advancing in this aspect, but there’s a need to increase the number of judges”, he said.

Business representatives say that the majority of their complaints relate to the judicial system.

The large number of business lawsuits, their delays in courts, the delays in the opening of a business in Kosovo and problems with power supply are some of the challenges that Kosovo’s businesses face. /ibna/