Kosovo: 47 candidates facing legal issues

Kosovo: 47 candidates facing legal issues

Forty-seven out of about 1,000, and 80 out of all MP candidates have been found guilty of a criminal offense by a final court ruling in the last three years, Kosovo Central Election Commission spokesman Valmir Elezi told a news conference.

“15 of the 28 political entities that have applied for certification comprise candidates who do not comply with Article 29 of the Law on General Elections, paragraph “ç”, which stipulates that a candidate for Member of Parliament can not be a person found guilty of criminal offense with a final court decision in the last three years. After receiving these answers, the political party registration and certification office will prepare the recommendation for approving or rejecting the certification of political entities and their candidates. These recommendations will be presented at the CEC meetings,” the spokesman said.

Elezi added that, at this stage, the CEC cannot publish the names of the candidates in violation of the law.

He added that, after receiving these answers, the Political Party Registration and Certification Office will prepare the Recommendation for approval or rejection of the certification of political entities and their candidates.

“These recommendations will be presented at the meetings of the CEC. According to the business plan approved by the CEC, the recommendations will be prepared today and tomorrow, while the CEC will take decisions no later than January 22nd. Furthermore, each of the political entities will be notified of the answers we have received from the institutions, so that they can complete the list with other candidates, in the event that any candidate does not meet the legal criteria. If a political entity or candidate has not been certified, they can file a complaint with the Complaints and Appeals Committee. The case may be referred to the Supreme Court in the event that the party is not satisfied with the decision. This complaint and decision period is scheduled to close on 31 January. After that, on February 1, there will be a draw for the ranking of political entities in the voting of these elections”, said CEC representative Valmir Elezi. /ibna