KLA Tribunal, international institutions using double standards?

KLA Tribunal, international institutions using double standards?

IBNA Special Report/USA and EU are making efforts to establish a special court which will investigate suspicions on war crimes perpetrated by Kosovo Liberation Army. Authorities in Pristina remain open, some organizations say that a double standard is being used. Some people believe that a court should also be established in Serbia and for Serbia. IBNA hears from experts of warfare

By Elton Tota

United States of America and European Union have boosted their efforts to establish a Tribunal for the war crimes allegedly perpetrated by KLA. US ambassador to Kosovo, Tracey Jacobson, director for Central and Southern Europe in the US Department of State, Jonathan Moore and other officials from Brussels have had meetings in the past few days with representatives of political parties in the country in order to establish the court in question.

Representatives of NGOs and experts of political developments in Kosovo are against this Tribunal.

Meanwhile, the government of Kosovo is demanding at any cost for the current legislature to establish the court, thus avoiding the decision of the UN Security Council.

Organization for Regional Cooperation and European Integration told IBNA that the Tribunal in question must be established in Serbia and convict all those individuals who have perpetrated genocide in Kosovo, Bosnia and Croatia.

“International community is using double standards. Pressure is not being put on Serbia for the foundation of a Tribunal in Belgrade, but pressure is being put against Kosovo. This is absurd because war crimes, killings, massacres, persecutions and genocide in Kosovo and other countries of the region have been perpetrated by Slobodan Miloshevic’s regime”, says a representative of OBRIE.

According to this organization, given that those who have committed crimes in the recent wars in the region have not been convicted, there cannot be reconciliation between people of the Balkan and in this aspect, international community must not be selective.

Lawyer and law professor, Berat Aqifi says for IBNA that investigations on war crimes must be made in all countries of the region.

“KLA’s war has been a fair war. As far as the war of the people of Kosovo is concerned, it’s widely known that the people of Kosovo have not attacked anyone. They have only defended themselves from the Serb aggression led by the butcher of the Balkan, Slobodan Milosevic. The Hague Tribunal has had its say about the innocence of former members of KLA. In this aspect, there’s no need for other trials and there’s no need for a special Tribunal for the war conducted by KLA”, says Aqifi for IBNA.

According to him, Hague Tribunal has convicted only a few individuals and collaborators of Milosevic’s regime.

“This has been the clearest effort for Serb collective crimes to be individualized”, says Aqifi.

Meanwhile, prime minister Hashim Thaci continues to avoid public comments on the Tribunal. His government has been set in motion, especially after the visit of the director for Central and Southern Europe of the US Department of State, Jonathan Moore in Kosovo.

The government of Kosovo is seeking at any cost for this legislature to establish the court which would try the crimes allegedly committed by KLA, to avoid the decision of the UNO Security Council, reports IBNA.

“In cooperation with close friends, we will find the best way possible, which will benefit the citizens of Kosovo”, says Adem Grabovci, head of the parliamentary group of PDK.

Grabovci says that talks are being held for the foundation of the Special Court and that it’s in the interest of Kosovo for everything to end as soon as possible and for everything to go through the parliament of Kosovo.

But, the head of the parliamentary group of the party in power says that he doesn’t know if this issue will be discussed this week, as no document has been deposited to parliament.

With the exemption of Self Determination, other subjects have not expressed their positioning on the foundation of this court.

Albulena Haxhiu, Self Determination MP says that the decision for the creation of the Tribunal is damaging and above all, unjust. /ibna/