KKE: The strength and the hope of the people

KKE: The strength and the hope of the people


By Kostas Papadakis, MEP candidate with Communist Party of Greece (KKE)

In the EU parliamentary elections, as in the local election with unified way by voting KKE we need to punish the blackmail of the governing parties of ND and PASOK and the trade of hope made by SYRIZA. All these parties despite their differences in the mixture of the management they align with the EU, they agree that the power of monopolies will rule and that the people is obliged to pay the debt which the plutocracy has created.

The strengthening of the KKE in the battle of the EU parliamentary elections as well as in the local elections will contribute to the immediate revival of a dynamic workers’ people’s opposition that will contribute to the struggle in order to halt the anti-people offensive, the successive anti-people measures, in order to lay the ground for the only path that can ensure the satisfaction of the people’s needs.

The strengthening of the KKE is a guarantee for the people’s interests interests. Now it is more evident that it was the Greek people who were harmed by the reduction of the electoral power of the KKE in June 2012, by the support they gave to the parties that support capital and the EU one-way street. The rising up of SYRIZA didn’t give any boost to the strufggle of the people on the contrary, there was a step back. With a strong KKE you can support the necessary regroupment of the labour- people’s movement, the People’s Alliance for the struggle against the anti-people political line, the EU and the parties of EU one-way street.

The EU cannot change, cannot become in favour of the people. It is a union of capital which aims to facilitate the profitability of the monopolies through the fierce offence against the working class and people’s rights.

A strong KKE can contribute decisively the day after in order the struggle in the working areas to be organized properly. The EU Parliamentary elections can contribute to a change in the correlation of forces in favor of the people. With a strong KKE for a truly strong workers’-people’s opposition, a strong antimonopoly-anticapitalist people’s alliance for workers’ people’s power.

A strong KKE in the vote and mainly in the struggles, with a regroupment of the working class movement, with a peoples alliance of the workers the self employed, the poor farmers, could pave the way for the socialization of the monopolies, the unilateral cancelation of the debt, the disengagement from the EU so that the people achieve their own power, and initiate developments for their own benefit.  Using the rich productive capacities of this country the real way out is to be found in the socialization of the mineral wealth, energy, telecommunications, transport, retail, land, capitalist agricultural and livestock businesses, the natural resources. They must all become the property of the people. There is a proposal for a way out, the potential for the production and the society to be organized by the people for the people. What is still missing is the decisive people’s will to come into conflict with the forces that impede it.

For all these reasons we vote for KKE in the European Elections and the list that KKE supports in the Regional and Municipal Elections called “Laiki Syspirosi”(People’s Rally).