Killing of BDI officials sparks debates

Killing of BDI officials sparks debates

Skopje, 27 July 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

The government coalition party, BDI (Democratic Union for Integration) has been shocked in the recent days by the killing of two of its officials. Xhemail Rexhepi, candidate for the party’s branch leadership was killed in Kumanovo in an clash between party activists.

The second killing occurred in Struga, where the victim was the vice director of the Department of Taxation, Argetim Asani. But he was killed in a blood feud, relating to the disappearance and the killing of a person, Uran Kupa, known before as the head of security staff of the mayor of Struga, Ziadin Sela. These two murders have sparked debates and accusations as to who is killing BDI’s officials. Accusations have also been addressed to the head of BDI, Ali Ahmeti.

Political analyst, Xhelal Neziri from Tetovo, told IBNA that the responsible for this situation is the party leader, Ali Ahmeti, who divided his party in order to have control over it.

According to him, these killings show the lack of capacity by BDI to hold a normal process of democratization and internal reformation.

“These situations indicate the low level of democracy between Albanians in Macedonia and if the recent cases are not investigated, BDI, the most voted party in Macedonia, will see its doom”, Neziri declared. /ibna/