Kennedy arrives to Albania

Kennedy arrives to Albania

Tirana, 13 September 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

The Kennedy dynasty includes important political names who have led USA for many years, having a serious impact worldwide.

But this dynasty also includes people famous in other domains. One of them is Vincent Kennedy, a composer who is known in Europe and the USA.

He has arrived to Albania for a recital concert. “Ouverture for my city” and “Dream”, for violin and orchestra, are two of his pieces. They were played in the stage of the Academy of Arts.

Vincent talks about the dynasty which he belongs to: “We’re distant cousins. All the grandparents of president Kennedy came from Ireland. We’re all from the same family tree and we have preserved the same family name. The house where the first Kennedy has lived is still there and it is visited. His cousins are still living there. After the war, president Kennedy went to Ireland and knocked on the doors of all the neighbors with the hope of finding his cousins”, says composer and conductor Kennedy. /