KDI: Citizens are not informed on the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia

KDI: Citizens are not informed on the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia

Pristina, 30 September 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Kosovo Democratic Institute (KDI) has published the report “Transparency of dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia: The citizens’ point of view”, which reflects the findings of the opinion poll relating to transparency, accountability and general information that citizens of Kosovo have on the process of dialogue.

Respondents of this poll have answered about the general information that they have on the agreements reached in Brussels, how satisfied they are with the work of MPs in monitoring the government in the process of dialogue, how satisfied they are on their involvement in this process and readiness to contribute on the topics of dialogue and the main players who are responsible for their information.

Although some of the topics of the dialogue have dominated the political scene in the country in the recent year, the poll suggests that citizens are not well informed to a large extent on the agreements (43%) achieved so far as part of the process of dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia. Around 76% of them are not happy with the monitoring that parliament does to the government in this process. What’s more, they are not happy with the level of their involvement (75%), while they express their hesitation to be involved in this process in the future (57%).

According to KDI, the government and parliament must take a number of measures to boost transparency, to build social and political cohesion on the process of dialogue and to guarantee the participation of the citizens in this process, by clearly articulating the practical effects of this process in the life of the citizens. /balkaneu.com/