KDI: 2015 is a wasted year against corruption in Kosovo

KDI: 2015 is a wasted year against corruption in Kosovo

Pristina, 9 December 2015Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Kosovo Democratic Institute (KDI) has issued a report on the Day against Corruption and during the presentation of this report, it has considered 2015 as a wasted year in the fight against corruption in Kosovo.

Based on this analysis, KDI says that 2015 was a continuation of previous years in the lack of results against corruption in Kosovo.

“Lack of priority to address corruption offenses, lack of convictions for senior officials, lack of political will and lack of cooperation between institutions, have created a climate of impunity against corruption in Kosovo”, this organization’s report says.

The report also says that public procurement remains a critical point, where public funds are unlawfully transferred into the hands of the private sector and then to senior officials. The weak judiciary system has not helped this situation.

“Corruption continues to have a direct impact in the life of the citizens. The high level of unemployment comes as a result of  the lack of investments, which in 2015 were low due to corruption. Liberalization of visas is also closely related to the rule of law and fight of corruption in Kosovo”, KDI says. /ibna/