KCC: Serbia’s request for compensation and payment of debts has political motives

KCC: Serbia’s request for compensation and payment of debts has political motives

Pristina, August 27, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Kosovo’s Chamber of Commerce (KCC) says that Serbia’s request for compensation and payment of debts by Kosovo has political motives.

“In the framework of its policies to prevent the normal functioning of the state of Kosovo, Serbia has recently attempted to seek compensation for the damage caused against it by NATO’s bombardments and independence of Kosovo”, reads KCC statement.

According to KCC, the entire damage and debt that Kosovo owes to Serbia amount to 10 billion Euros and this amount also includes the investments of Serb companies in Kosovo before the war, investments from the funds of Serbia and former Yugoslavia for economic development of undeveloped areas and the wealth of Serb refugees who left Kosovo after the war. “The full documents on this issue have been gathered and are held by Serbia’s Chamber of Commerce and Serb media claim that this chamber holds details on each category”, reads the press statement.

KCC says that the moment that Belgrade has chosen to make such incentive official is not incidental.

“There will soon be talks in Brussels for the normalization of relations between the two countries. On the other hand, EU and Germany have made it clear that Serbia’s accession in the EU will depend on the policies that it follows for Kosovo. Serbia is aware that it’s demanded to give up on its claims to Kosovo. Therefore, such incentive for compensation of damages, may have political motives in order to overburden the agenda of talks and to divert attention from key issues of the talks”, says KCC.

Based on this, Kosovo’s Chamber of Commerce believes that this demand must be seriously considered by the Kosovar side, because after it’s published in Belgrade, it may even become part of the talks in Brussels. /ibna/