Kammenos: ‘There is a need for the formulation of a single national policy’

Kammenos: ‘There is a need for the formulation of a single national policy’


By Spiros Sideris – Thessaloniki

“If there are members of the coalition who have realized what they have voted and have decided to overthrow the government, let them do it tonight”, said the president of the Independent Greeks Panos Kammenos at the press conference in the framework of his visit to the 79th Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF).

Mr. Kammenos clarified that his party will not vote for President of the Republic, in order to lead the country to elections and said: “I will not do what Mr. Samaras did with “Political Spring”, who offered a gift PASOK. We will not give artificial respiration to the government. We have a proposal for a candidate for President of the Republic and we will bring it to Parliamnet after the elections”.

He went on accusing Mr. Samaras that he is a “crutch” of PASOK and “Prime Minister in a government of PASOK”, providing immunity to George Papandreou and George Papaconstantinou.

“Mr. Samaras has to step down immediately”, he said, adding that there will be no immunity for anyone. He said, for example, that even if SYRIZA decided to give immunity to Georgios Papandreou, they will find the “Independent Greeks” opposite them.

In a question about the possibility of forming a coalition with SYRIZA, Mr. Kammenos replied that “Independent Greeks are not anyone’s crutch” and that any cooperation will be based on the principles that have been announced.

In a relevant question by IBNA, he stressed the necessity of the strengthening of the Greece, Cyprus, Israel axis and the enlargement of the common defense doctrine between these three countries. “The fundamentalism of Turkey and the Erdogan and Davutoglu Leadership is dangerous”, he said.

Finally, Mr. Kammenos  stressed the necessity of developing a national strategy, guided by National interests in the new geopolitical milieu that has started to take shape.

Photo: Spiros Sideris