Kammenos: National Unity Government after the elections

Kammenos: National Unity Government after the elections


By Spiros Sideris – Athens

The refusal of his party to vote for a President of the Republic with the argument that the “government policy is disastrous” reiterated the president of Independent Greeks Panos Kammenos.

Speaking on Real FM, Kammenos said that “we will not vote for a President even if he is Kostas Karamanlis, not because we do not respect the institution, but because we believe that the government’s policy is disastrous”.

Kammenos argued that “the market is below its threshold” and spoke of the “pauperisation” of 6.5 million Greeks and of an “internal devaluation policy” which “leads to further ‘padlocks'”.

He said “there is no regulation for issues concerning the survival of Greek and their obligations to the tax office, the “red” loans, the liquidity in the market and in the problem with the unemployment, which grows more with every passing day”.

The president of ANEL spoke of a national unity government with the condition: “political agreement after the election”, arguing that national unity cannot be achieved with the present government, because of ” what Mr. Samaras and Mr. Venizelos have personally signed, binding their parties to pursue the policy of the Memoranda”.

These policies, which have to do with the surrender of sovereignty, such as what will take place on November 16, that is handing over control of the systemic banks from the Bank of Greece to the European Central Bank, to two independent authorities. These are policies with which we disagree and for politicians to agree on a national unity government there must be a clear policy in favor of the Greek people”.