Kalin: “The West fails to grasp the gravity of the July 15 coup attempt”

Kalin: “The West fails to grasp the gravity of the July 15 coup attempt”

Spontaneous popular resistance to the July 15 coup attempt is a major sociological development in Turkey’s recent history that Western observers do not understand, Presidential Spokesman Ibrahim Kalin said on Tuesday.

Speaking to TRT World, Kalin said that compared to the history of the Turkish coup attempt, it marked the first time that ordinary people had taken to the streets to defend democracy and the rule of law.

He went on to say that the explosion of support for democracy shows the confidence that the current government has instilled in its people, adding that the reactions of the western capitals to this bloody attempt to overthrow an elected government were disappointing.

Kalin also said that the July 15 dire incident also added a new dimension to the perception of the threat to Turkey’s national security.

“Any country that has faced such a dire situation will take decisive action to eliminate this terrorist threat”, he added.

“We were disappointed and it was difficult for us to understand that some countries in Europe and elsewhere, instead of taking action against the terrorists themselves, are criticizing the [Turkish] government for taking action against FETO terrorists”, wondering who killed these people, who bombed the parliament and tried to assassinate the president of Turkey.

Kalin also said that when these countries take strict measures, it is praised as a necessity of public order.

“It was the Turkish president and the government against the citizens of various political views”, he said, referring to FETO.

Referring to the efforts of Turkish public diplomacy to explain how the terrorist organization was organized hiding in the country’s institutions for the last 40 years, Kalin said that although there are similar examples as the secret underground movements in Europe, none has reached the level of which FETO achieved in Turkey.

In FETO “they felt they were so powerful that they could impose their ideas and desires on an elected government, force civil servants not to serve the country and follow the rules they are committed to, but promote their own perverted agenda. We had to explain all this”, he said.

“Some who had different political agendas felt that the government was trying to justify its excessive measures in Turkey. By adopting this rather cynical view, they willingly or unwillingly ended up joining the FETO terrorists. To this day, four years after the coup, unfortunately some key allies in NATO and Europe, including the United States, still do not understand the seriousness of what happened and why we had to take action.

“FETO terrorists in Western countries continue to appear as peaceful religious charities and educational institutions.… There is no excuse to say that [s.s. FETO] do not violate laws in our country. You would not allow al Qaeda or Daesh sympathizers or agents or terrorists just because they pretend they are not breaking the law in your country”.

Referring to the extradition of Fethullah Gulen, the US-based leader of the terrorist organization FETO, Kalin said many people in Turkey believe that hosting members of the organization in the US gives them a safe haven.

Concluding, Ibrahim Kalin said that the terrorists of FETO undermine Turkish-American relations by participating in all kinds of defamation campaigns./ibna