Kalın: “Implementing structural reforms in economy is among our priorities”

Kalın: “Implementing structural reforms in economy is among our priorities”

Holding a press conference following the meeting of the Presidential Cabinet, Presidential Spokesperson Kalın said: “One of the topics high on the agenda during the meeting of the new cabinet was economy. Especially ensuring budgetary discipline, fighting inflation, and implementing necessary structural reforms are among our priorities.”

Presidential Spokesperson İbrahim Kalın made statements and answered reporters’ questions in a press conference at the Presidential Complex following the first meeting of the Presidential Cabinet.

Spokesperson Kalın stated:

“Ensuring budgetary discipline and fighting inflation are more among our priorities”

“One of the topics high on the agenda during the meeting of the new cabinet was economy. One of the important agenda items of the meeting was identifying primary topics in economic policies for the new term. Necessary works have been carried out in order to establish full coordination among all the ministries and relevant units in economy regarding the objectives set by the Presidential Cabinet. The Presidency, the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, and other relevant units will continue to act in coordination. In this regard, especially ensuring budgetary discipline, fighting inflation and implementing necessary structural reforms are among our priorities.

Steps that should be taken within the framework of Turkey’s objective of a stable and sustainable growth have already been determined. More detailed works are currently underway on this issue and preparations are being made for a series of new steps towards export-oriented growth. A medium-term program to be determined in consultation with all stakeholders will be prepared in the coming weeks and be presented to Mr. President. It will also be announced to the public. This medium-term program will especially be of importance for the continuation of vitality in economy. The Ministry of Treasury and Finance has already shared some details on the issue and it will continue to share other relevant details in the period ahead.

“Prophecies regarding post – July 15 Turkish economy didn’t prove true”

All the boards and institutions will continue with their coordinated measures in the new term so as to sustain the performance, vitality and resilience the Turkish economy has displayed over the past 16 years.

As you know, some prophecies and predictions were voiced in the aftermath of the July 15, 2016 coup attempt to the effect that there might be economic crises in Turkey. However, thanks be to Allah, none of these prophecies proved true. We will be marking the anniversary of the July 15 coup attempt the day after tomorrow. We had better once again remind that the swift recovery that took place in the wake of the July 15 coup attempt showed the resilient structure of the Turkish economy, politics, society, and state bodies. Had such a coup attempt taken place in another country, its state bodies would have collapsed, its economy would have fallen apart and social chaos would have broken out. Yet, none of these happened in Turkey. Just a few months after the July 15 coup attempt, we inaugurated the third bridge, launched Operation Euphrates Shield; and since then our state bodies and relevant institutions have been working in coordination without pausing regarding internal and external affairs, security, and economy. As such, our economy grew 7.4% last year, a growth rate closely monitored across the world. It is very pleasing that we achieved a similar growth rate in the first quarter of 2018, too.

“FETO members will eventually be brought to Justice”

Within the context of the anniversary of the July 15 coup attempt, we had better draw attention to the fight against the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETO). The fight against FETO, which was started before the July 15 treacherous coup attempt and accelerated afterward, has continued to date without any interruption and so it shall continue. One of the main objectives of the state of emergency inside Turkey was to bring the putschists to justice. The state of emergency was not only aimed at wiping out FETO but also at eliminating the threat other terrorist organizations such as the PKK, DHKP-C, DAESH, etc. pose to the security of our country. In this respect, our fight against terrorist organizations will continue in a resolute and determined fashion. Wherever they are in the world, FETO members will eventually be brought to justice. We saw a nice example of this yesterday. Two high-level FETO imams were brought from Azerbaijan and Ukraine to Turkey as a result of the National Intelligence Organization’s extremely successful operation. Six FETO members had formerly been brought from Kosovo to Turkey with a similar operation. These will continue. Let me hereby once again stress that never shall we let this network of treason, which committed this treason against our country and shed the blood of our 251 citizens, breathe in peace anywhere in the world.

“We welcome the NATO declaration”

As you know, Mr. President participated in the NATO Summit of Heads of State and Government yesterday and the day before yesterday. One of the issues he raised there was the security risks Turkey is faced with. Mr. President noted, during his presentations at the summit sessions and his bilateral talks, that Turkey is the only NATO country fighting against three terrorist organizations at once, namely the PKK, DAESH and FETO. Mr. President made presentations on the agenda items of the NATO and had many bilateral talks. We welcome the NATO declaration. We are especially glad that the declaration contained a paragraph voicing Turkey’s security concerns and promising more support for Turkey in the fight against terror.

Mr. President also met with the heads of state and government of the U.S., Germany, France, Bulgaria, Greece and Ukraine on the sidelines of the summit. Both the bilateral relations and regional issues were discussed in detail during these meetings. We will continue our intensive works in the period ahead concerning both the fight against terror and the steps to be taken by the cabinet post election. On this regard, we will step up our efforts in order to actualize the promises made in the run-up to the June 24 elections.”/IBNA