K. Mitsotakis puts ND in “constant election readiness”

K. Mitsotakis puts ND in “constant election readiness”

Athens, May 16, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

“This Government, for as long as it remains in power, will be a government of wear. It is a government that will bear politicaly the great – provocative – turn it has made, renouncing all of its electoral commitments. It will bear the cost of a package of unfair measures”, Kyriakos Mitsotakis said speaking to the presidents of New Democracy’s NODE.

The president of ND made the estimate that the measures will not give a solution to the economic problem in the end and said that the EUR 5.4 billion package and that of the preventive “cutter” EUR 3.6 billion, is the price of the personal political unreliability of Tsipras, but the cost of this negotiation will be paid by the greek society.

Mitsotakis spoke of a completely wrong policy mix and said he called for elections with great responsibility, recognizing that any electoral process involves a cost.

“But I said something that is becoming part of the minds of citizens. Whatever the cost of early elections, it will be much less than the cost of the stay of this incompetent government. The call for early elections is timely and will remain so because this government does not address the problems of citizens. The faster it goes the better it will be for the place”, continued the president of ND.

Moreover, he said that ND should come to power as head of a broad reform majority, which would have only one purpose: “To not become another link in the Memorandum Governments’ chain, but to be the government that would finally take the country out of the crisis and the Memorandum”.

Meanwhile, the president of ND noted: “I understand that today there is a central dividing line in greek politics. This dividing line is between the great reformist power of change that assures a strong Greece in a strong Europe, which is New Democracy, and the other of populism forces of easy promises, the forces of this strange diverse SYRIZA – ANEL coalition, who neither want nor can take the country out of the crisis”.

Addressing the new presidents of the NODE, he added: “Your own mission as front-libe party officials is primarily to facilitate to achieve this political enlargement, which New Democracy needs so much. With each passing day ND gains more and more the trust of citizens. We open our doors to citizens who have faced us so far with caution. We invite them to participate, not only in the party matters, but in the very formulation of policy proposals. I envision a party where the policy be shaped from the bottom up, where local communities have a fundamental role in shaping policies”.

And he concluded: “Through your role it is important that our message reaches the last Greek citizen. We want you therefore as helpers. We invite you in constant election readiness. We must be ready to conduct an election campaign efficiently and effectively. Nobody is left out in this effort. And I think that sooner than some expect we will be called once more to be the major political force, which will once again put Greece on the right track”.