K. Mitsotakis: We must not go to early elections

K. Mitsotakis: We must not go to early elections

Athens, December 9, 2014 / Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris 

Against the possibility of early elections stands the former Prime Minister Konstantinos Mitsotakis, claiming that the President should be elected directly by the people, while stressing the need for the constitutional review to proceed, noting that the place needs “minimum understanding.”

“The country cannot thrive if there isn’t even the minimum agreement. Ideally, there should be an agreement on the revision of the Constitution. Greece will not come out of the deep crisis into which it has entered, if the Constitution doesn’t change. No matter how many structural changes we make, they won’t be enough. We need deeper cuts that can only be achieved through constitutional changes. Why can’t there be a discussion on the revision? Today the political dialogue has unfortunately been canceled. Insults are exchanged instead of a dialogue”, says the former Prime Minister in an interview on the television Channel of the House.

The honorary president of the New Democracy also notes that he had the hope that the opposition would be positively predisposed towards the Constitutional review, and clearly states hiss opposition to the possibility of the country going to early elections.

“And, in any case, I want to reiterate that we must not get to elections. I personally believe that there should be no elections. This government should end its four-year mandate, but we should not reach elections without the revision of the Constitution”, Konstantinos Mitsotakis explains.

At the same time, he reiterates its position for a direct election of the President of the Republic by the people and the disconnection of the process from the possibility of early elections.

“And to say one thing that proves how right I am: The fact that the Constitution of the post-junta regime, which has many weaknesses, as I said at the beginning, connects the election of the President with the possibility of elections creates this inconvenience Hellas undergoes today.

Things would be simple; the government would continue undisturbed- this or any government that would reflect the european majority that exists in the current parliament – if it wasn’t for the matter of the election of the President. Why not the president be elected by the people and be done with it?”, said in the same interview K. Mitsotakis.