Justice minister of Serbia visits Mladic in the Hague

Justice minister of Serbia visits Mladic in the Hague
Nela Kuburović, herself a lawyer and now serving as the Justice Minister of Serbia, was in the Hague for the closing ceremony of the Tribunal (ICTY) and on the sidelines of her visit, she went to see Ratko Mladic in prison.

B92 reports that "She told RTS on Thursday (Dec. 21) that Mladic had been visited by doctors from Serbia two days before, and that based on their report, a letter would be sent to the Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals (MICT) – which continues to perform some of ICTY’s functions – to grant Mladic temporary release and allow him to receive medical treatment in Serbia."

At the beginning of October, the government of Serbia guaranteed Mladic would remain in the country for a short term, for medical treatment that his family and lawyers had requested, but the Hague Tribunal denied approval.

A month later (November 22), Mladic was found guilty in the first-instance ruling and sentenced to life imprisonment for crimes committed in Bosnia and Herzegovina. After that, his defence attorneys filed an appeal, so, at present, he "is awaiting the second-instance procedure before the MICT".../IBNA

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