July brings lower roaming rates for Romanian phone users

July brings lower roaming rates for Romanian phone users


By Daniel Stroe – Bucharest

Romanian mobile phone users will as of today pay less for roaming services in the EU countries, by up to 55 per cent in some cases,  the state regulating agency in communications announced.

The rates will go down by 20 to 55 per cent compared to the rates applied now for roaming rates inside the EU as of 1 July within the basic rates plan Eurotarif, the agency ANCOM said in a press release. Thus, for an outbound call, uses will pay a maximum 0.19 Euros while for an inbound call they will pay up to 0.05 Euros, a text message costing 0.06 Euros. The most significant decrease concerns data use and Internet for which a Romanian phone user will pay up to 0.2 Euros per MB.

Romanian mobile operators will have to respect these maximal limits imposed by ANCOM, but are free to promote lower prices within holiday special offers. The state agency also recommended users to analyze their operator’s best offer before going on a trip in an EU country. ANCOM set up a special website (www.veritel.ro) where users can compare mobile and Internet rates which are currently available.

“Enforcement of the new rates is automatic and free for all the users that have the roaming service activated and use the basic rate plan without getting a supplementary subscription. Moreover, to avoid the shock of large bills resulted from use of data services, users who travel outside the country will get alerts by text messages, emails and pop-up windows if the cost of downloaded data approaches the pre-established limit of 50 Euros or another one chosen beforehand” ANCOM also explained in its press release.

The agency went on to draw attention of the users who have the roaming services activated but live in the vicinity of the border that the phone may automatically connect to a network in the neighboring country and thus pay for roaming services without being aware of this.

The agency recommended these users they manually select the network or ask the operator to activate the roaming services only upon their request. ANCOM also published a list of towns which it identified as posing this risk of connection to a foreign network for Romanian users to be aware of these potential financial effects.