Former journalist, owner of a kindergarten brutally beats a 3 year old boy VIDEO

Former journalist, owner of a kindergarten brutally beats a 3 year old boy VIDEO

Tirana, 21 June 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Edison Kurani

Public opinion in Albania has been shocked by a video which was published on TV, showing the administrator of a private kindergarten brutally beating a three year old boy.

The video was registered with a hidden camera in a private kindergarten called “Diren”, in Tirana. The owner and the administrator was Anjeza Shabani, which you can see in the photo below.

anjeza shabani ora

Shabani was known to the Albanian public opinion, as for several years she was moderator in the investigative TV program “Alarm”.

This 34 year woman, mother of a three year old child, is identified as the person who verbally and physically abused with the child.

This case was unfolded by a young father, who sought help from Klan TV in Tirana, in order for this TV network to investigate his suspicions that his child was being abused with at the private kindergarten.  He said that his child was constantly under psychological terror and had scars on his body.

The investigation was made through a hidden camera which was introduced in the kindergarten. A few hours were enough for violence to occur.

In the video that you can watch by clicking here, you can see how Shabani brutally beats the child and terrorizes him, making him shake in front of her.

The kindergarten’s staff didn’t react. The child is beaten in front of the other children. Then, Shabani turns on her mobile phone and asks to the beaten child to keep quiet, because she had to make photos in order to post them on the Facebook page of the kindergarten she administers.

In the early hours of this morning, Police of Tirana announced the arrest of the 34 year old woman, accusing her of abuse with duty.

The reactions of the people in social networks are harsh. They demand maximum punishment for the former journalist and some go as far as saying that they are so sensible that they would ruin that woman. /