The journalism of interweaving and the war of the media

The journalism of interweaving and the war of the media

Athens, August 5, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

The communication mistake of SYRIZA

With the rise of SYRIZA to main opposition in 2012 and to power in 2015 the party found itself opposite a media environment it could not manage. The forty-year rotation to power between PASOK and New Democracy had created an environment sealed to information, directly related to each government, as is evident by the testimonies of SME owners that takes place during this period in the House regarding loans to SMEs and parties.

Journalists connected with political parties, cashing their services in press offices of ministries, party and parliamentary offices, away from the combative autonomous and pluralist information. Relationships beyond the boundaries of wrong, but no one cared since the owners of the media to which these journalists worked were strongly tied to local governments for their operations, through bank loans, government projects and advertising.

In this environment, a coalition trends and ideas of 4.5% with the naivety and obsessions of the Left, thinks that just because it came to power it will be able to communicate with the media. That proved to be a huge mistake, judging by the results and the presentation of the government work by the media.

On their part, the media, see the system they had formed in the dipole ND – PASOK collapsing. PASOK evaporates and the journalistic team that staffs the media must cover the news of SYRIZA. Obviously, there was no provision that a small party will come to power. The contact with the members of SYRIZA and its ideology is from zero to minimal.

The only contact of the media and the journalists who are forced to cover the news of SYRIZA are those of PASOK members who have now passed to SYRIZA, and they are not the best “informants” of the government’s work.

On its part, the government, having no other means – such as free travels, compensations (;) and press offices – approaches by necessity the journalists who cover the government news, through confidential leaks, exclusive revelations and parapolitics .

Naivety, amateurism or incompetence? How else to characterize the logic to maintain a system that is fighting you? The result is known. Every leakage becomes front page publication and becomes a blow below the belt for every move of the government.

The media in dire financial position, not because of the crisis, but more because they had linked State “aid” with their business activities, they use shamelessly every leak that is effortlessly leaving the Maximos Mansion or the various Ministries, to hit the government , to exert pressure and to benefit.

It is common knowledge among the journalists the “order” crush Tsipras and SYRIZA, that is given by owners and editors to journalists covering the government news.

Logic dictates that one does not use damaged materials to built something new. No matter how many laws you make to change the media system, to cleanse it – not out of revanchism, but out of necessity – you are not going to succeed if you continue to keep contact and cooperate with the old.

Unfortunately, the old, which has supported and relied on the political-economic status quo until the rise of SYRIZA to power, continues to have a say and work, damaging not only the government – that is their goal in any case – but the image of Greece abroad. The headlines and reports released these 20 months of the SYRIZA governance is irrefutable witness to the role the domestic media played throughout the process of negotiation and agreements with the lenders.