Josipovic’s statement that Croatia needs new foundations draws criticism

Josipovic’s statement that Croatia needs new foundations draws criticism


By Marija Avramovic – Zagreb

Attending the Main Board of the Croatian National Party, President Ivo Josipovic said that Croatia needs serious reforms, and perhaps even a new foundation, provoking a strong reaction from his opponent in the presidential election, Milan Kujundzic.

President of the “Croatian Dawn” asserted yesterday that the foundation of the Croatian state was the War of independence, which was also defensive, and that neither Josipovic nor anybody else was allowed to mess with it, because people would react.

Kujundzic said that Josipovic, with his statement, had sent a message that he would begin to demolish the Croatian state.

He said that since Saturday, after the president had announced that he would change the basis of Croatia, a lot of citizens from Croatia and Croats from diaspora called him in fear wondering what it was that Josipovic would change.

“We, the Croats ask Ivo Josipovic: where were you President, what were you doing for five years and now you want to start from the ground up. Whoever targets the foundation, aim for destruction. He sent a message yesterday that he would begin to demolish the Croatian state”, Kujundzic stressed.

“Does this mean that Josipovic would interfere with War, or as the minister of Veterans and the Prime minister are nowadays meddling with the veterans, do they think we will let them do that”, Kujundzic argued.

He called Josipovic “President in leaving” because in two months the Croatian people would send him into history.

Josipovic said that Croatia needed serious reforms, and perhaps a new foundation, explaining later that he spoke about his new constitutional project, which he would have called ‘second republic’.

In the first half of October agency Ipsos Puls conducted a poll and according to its results Josipovic continues to lead in the race for the presidency with 47.8%, while Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic from the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) follows with 33.4%.

As stated in the same poll, Milan Kujundzic is in third place with 4.8%.