Joschka Fischer: It will be dangerous if Tsipras becomes Prime Minister

Joschka Fischer: It will be dangerous if Tsipras becomes Prime Minister


By Spiros Sideris – Nicosia

Alexis Tsipras seems to find an unusual “opponent” to the “race” for the Prime Ministry of Greece. This is none other than one of the most historic members of the German left, Joschka Fischer.

The Guru of the Green, speaking at the forum organised by the Foreign Correspondents Association in Berlin institution Bertelsmannhaus, characterised the president of SYRIZA dangerous and able of leading other countries to dangerous Leftist paths.

“If the president of SYRIZA became prime minister he would be able to drag along the entire European South to dangerous Leftist paths, and that would be fatal for the European Union”, argued Mr. Fischer.

“As I read, Tsipras wants to put an end to the policy of austerity”, Fischer said and added: “I asked the German government what they will do in such a scenario and they answered that they would have to negotiate. Good luck with that”.

Joschka Fischer made ​​an extensive reference to Greece of the crisis, leaving however, several consealed accusations towards Angela Merkel, noting that the crisis was turned into a political one because of a German “finger”.

For the historic politician, everything changed when Sarkozy called in late 2008, Angela Merkel and Gordon Brown and told them to draw a common policy. “Merkel made ​​clear from the beginning that she did not want a common policy, but only a loose coordination”, Joschka Fischer noted meanigfuly.