Join the Seasplash Festival in Croatia, one of the ‘quirkiest’ in the Balkans

Join the Seasplash Festival in Croatia, one of the ‘quirkiest’ in the Balkans

“Seasplash Festival has the longest tradition in Croatia. It’s situated in a magical spot – a medieval fortress Punta Christo near Pula, and offers four days of music on several stages. Daily music and art programs on the beach, free camping, cultural and sports programs, workshops, a bazaar, chill out zones and much more. The festival is the ideal place for easy-going people who enjoy summer vibes of reggae, dub, drum & bass and ska beats”, reads Rad Season magazine.

This year’s edition is the 16th of the Croatian Seasplash Festival, that opened its doors to reggae, drum’n’ bass and dub lovers on Thursday, offers five festival stages which are spread across the fortress of Punta Christo near the Istrian city of Pula.

Seasplash Festival, is a top Croatian summer event, and as organisers have said, this year it features more than 80 Croatian and foreign performers, including U-Roy & Mad Professor, Radical Dance Faction, and Kali Fat Dub.

Behind it is the Seasplash Association –an independent culture organisation focusing on music, art, and culture as active parts of society- with this being its foundation project.

The official webpage of the event informs the public of the festival’s purpose: “It aims to support new artists as well as big names, linking them with professionals and cultural activists from around the world.

Street artists, associations and collectives will present their work at the festival as well, as part of the ArtSplash Colony, a project supporting graffiti writers, illustrators and multimedia artists from Croatia and abroad.”… / IBNA