John Kerry says no to Erdogan’s visit to Gaza

John Kerry says no to Erdogan’s visit to Gaza


The American Minister of Foreign Affairs to Istanbul for the meeting of Friends of Syria.

By Manolis Kostidis

In his third visit to Turkey the last two months, John Kerry sent a message to Recep Tayyip Erdogan not to visit the Gaza Strip this period. Last week, the Turkish prime minister stated that he will visit Gaza in May.

The U.S. Foreign Secretary visited Istanbul to participate in the Meeting of the “Friends of Syria”. However, at the press conference he bestowed, he revealed that the U.S. does not want to see Erdogan in Gaza. “We expressed our view to Prime Minister Erdogan that it will be best to put off his trip to Gaza. In our view, the timing of such a visit will be critical to our effort to achieve peace in the region. We think it will be best to wait for the right conditions to take place “was the statement of Kerry that froze the Turkish government. The U.S. Secretary, on the occasion of the Synod, was met with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

Today is expected to arrive in Turkey the committee from Israel to discuss the issue of compensation to the victims of the attack on the Turkish ship Mavi Marmara. But the Sunday Times writes that the Israelis will discuss “more important issues” such as the use of Ankara’s military airport Akinci from Israeli aircrafts for a potential attack to  Iran

In return, the Israelis would suggest, according to the British newspaper, the concession of the Arrow missile defense system and sophisticated monitoring systems.

The representative of the Turkish Foreign Ministry Levent Gümrükçü denied the reports of the publication

However, at the meeting of the “Friends of Syria”, for the first time the departure of Bashar al-Assad did not enter as a precondition for opening the negotiations and ceasefire which indicates that the countries involved and especially the U.S. does not hurry to overthrow the President of Syria. This was evident in Kerry’s statements since he made no reference to the possible departure of Assad. It is considered that this formula may satisfy Moscow.