Job Fair, “fair of frivolities” and laid off people

Job Fair, “fair of frivolities” and laid off people

IBNA Special Report

Tirana, May 2, 2014/ Independent Balkan News Agency

On the World Labor Day, the Albanian government hosted the “2014 Job Fair”, which will remain open for several days. This fair offers 6200 jobs from 80 different companies, mainly textile industry companies in different cities of the country.

The fair takes place in an environment built in the shape of a job center, where during the three days to come, people will be able to check out the labor market.

Will economic growth have an impact on employment

In spite of the difficult situation, IMF forecast on Albania is positive. IMF says that it predicts a 2.2% economic growth this year. But the question is: how will economic growth affect employment?

Minister of Social Welfare and Youth, Mr. Erion Veliaj says that in the recent months, there’s been a growth in employment: “Based on the statistics of the Institute of Social Securities, from October last year up to today, the number of people who have been insured and the number of new jobs that have been created is 25 thousand”, says Mr. Veliaj.

He says that from January until April 30, 2014, the system of job centers has announced 10.757 new jobs in total. “The sectors of the economy which have announced more vacancies in this period are: extracting industry, commerce, technology, transport-telecommunication, hotels-tourism, construction, banks, etc”, says the minister.

New entrepreneurs speak

The representative of one of the companies present in the fair, coming from  a period of several years in emigration, said that Albanians must appreciate and believe more in the work and products in Albania.

“We come back with an experience obtained abroad and here we find young people who want to be paid the same as in Germany when they start to work”, said he.

The company that he leads offers jobseekers the possibility for a preliminary training of 6 to 9 months in this sector.

“As entrepreneurs, we want the labor market to heed us, because we offer opportunities for beginners, we offer 6-9 months of training for them, but after 9 months, we expect them not to use this training to go somewhere else, but to build their career here”, says the former emigrant who is now a businessman.

Rama: The wave of changes has started

Prime minister Edi Rama says that a wave of changes has started: “With the radical change in the governance and efforts to fight unemployment, we’re offering an opportunity to all Albanians who want to work”.

Rama said that the debts that the state owes to businesses will be paid within the first half of the year and moreover, he talked about a moral debt: “Enterprise in this country has been feeling as alienated. We have promised to change this outrageous relation and give enterprise the place that it deserves. Enterprise tells us all that it’s not the government, politicians, ministers, vice ministers, civil servants, customs and taxation inspectors who create new jobs and wellbeing. But they must enable enterprise to be free to create work places and wellbeing”, said Rama.

The laid off employees  clash with the government

For the first time in a job fair, people who have been laid off and the government confronted each other on unemployment. At the entrance of the fair, prime minister Rama and minister Veliaj were received by a number of people who were made redundant after the left wing came into power. They held a protest and confronted Rama and Veliaj.

There was a strong debate between a woman laid off for political reasons and Rama and Veliaj.

These people wanted explanations from the prime minister about the reasons why they were laid off. Security personnel and the ministerial personnel removed the protesters.

Opposition: Rama’s fair cannot cover the most difficult Labor Day for Albanians

The opposition, which was in power for 8 years, says that unemployment in the country has increased. Former minister of Integration and democrat MP, Majlinda Bregu says that the number of unemployed people in the country has officially increased.

“It’s been 8 months that the government is leading a campaign of unlawful lay offs from the administration by damaging over 7 thousand households. Meanwhile, private sector is cutting jobs due to high taxes and economic slowdown”, said Bregu.

She added that “everyday, men and women, young men and girls, professionals of different domains are losing their jobs. Not only this, but thousands of jobseekers have lost their hope in finding a job”. /ibna/