New job center opens in Elbasan, Rama: The district with the third highest unemployment rate

New job center opens in Elbasan, Rama: The district with the third highest unemployment rate

Elbasan, March 25, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

Prime minister Edi Rama participated today (25.03) in the inauguration of the new Job Center of Elbasan. During his speech, prime minister Rama said that this is a district with a high unemployment rate.

“District of Elbasan has the third highest unemployment rate in the country”, said the prime minister.

The head of the government underlined the importance of encouraging professional schools.

Rama said that the job center is a new opportunity and a meeting point between employers and employees.

“We believe that job centers will establish a new relationship with businesses, as a very important partner in the path toward economic growth, wellbeing and real employment. These offices offer an opportunity for people to look for jobs. They offer important services for jobseekers. Here in Elbasan, it’s important to work in two directions: on one side to work with the job center in order to facilitate communication between businesses that offer jobs and people who are looking for a job and on the other hand, with professional education and professional schools that are linked to the business”, said Rama in his speech.

According to him, the state must be the biggest promoter of employment by promoting enterprise, growth of the private sector, through the transformation of business in a strategic partner and by facilitating communication between enterprise and jobseekers.

The opening of this job center was also praised by the mayor of Elbasan, Qazim Sejdini, who said that Elbasan needs employment and that this city must be the center of employment.

Meanwhile, minister of labor, Erion Veliaj said that the goal of the government is to open job centers for emigrants who come back to Albania. /ibna/