Jihadists at the ‘gates’ of Turkey

Jihadists at the ‘gates’ of Turkey

Ankara, June 15, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

Thousands of refugees are trying to cross the border

Consultant of former president of Turkey: “Gul clearly disagrees with Erdogan”

By Manolis Kostidis

In a few steps separate the men of the Turkish army from the Jihadists of the Islamic state.

Turkish security forces fires warning shots and used water hoses to repulse Syrian refugees were trying to cross the border, as thousands gathered on the Syrian side of the border at the border crossing of Akçakale.

All of them are fleeing the jihadists who march against Kurdish regions near Tel Abyad next to the border with Turkey.

Men of the Islamic state came as far as the barbed wire separating the two countries and asked the Syrians to return to their homes.

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Last week, through Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmuş, Turkey announced that it would close temporarily and locally the border with Syria.

“Turkey will not accept other admissions in its territory from Syria, except in cases of humanitarian tragedy”, Kurtulmuş stated.

However, until Sunday evening the Syrians were refusing to leave the border and reports indicate that Ankara will open its borders to save the people from jihadists who are walking undisturbed before the eyes of the Turkish soldiers.

Erdogan to invite political leaders to his palace

The President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan in his statements to journalists of pro-government press said he would summon to the presidential palace the leaders of all political parties to discuss with them on the issue of forming a government.

However, the leader of the Nationalist Action Party, Devlet Bahçeli, has already replied to Erdogan, refusing such a meeting. “I will meet only with the man who has received the mandate to form a government, this is not the job of the president”, he said. However, the Turkish president seems to be achieving his goal, as he appears consensual and makes the opposition leaders look like they are responsible for a future potential ungovernability of the country.

Book “manifest” for Gul’s return to politics – Gul’s advisor explains the great discrepancies between the former president and Erdogan

Political earthquake is expected to cause in Turkey the book of the advisor of the former President of the country Abdullah Gul, Ahmet Sever. According to the newspaper Hürriyet, in the book there is mention that Gul began to disagree with Erdogan after 2009 and disagreements between the two men intensified after the events of Gezi and the corruption scandal that led to the resignation of four ministers of the Erdogan government.

There appears to be a clear disagreement of Gul with the foreign policy of Erdogan-Davutoglu.

“Gul did not agree with the foreign policy mainly on the issues of Syria and Egypt. He believed that Erdogan as Davutoglu were serving as prime ministers and ministers of Egypt and Syria and not Turkey. He believed that they acted against the interests of the country and had said this to Davutoglu himself”, Sever says.

Gul’s advisor mentions a dialogue that may have importance for the future of the political scene in Turkey. A few months before his departure from the presidential palace Gul was quoted as saying “if I return in politics, I guide Turkey back to the time when it had a star (2002-2009). I would revitalize the process of EU accession. I would correct mistakes in foreign policy. There is huge polarization in the country; it must be decompressed. I would take the necessary steps for the democratization and I would send to the special court the four ministers involved in the scandals”.

The book by the advisor of the Turkish president entitled: 12 years with Abdullah Gul, would have been released last month, but Gul asked from Ahmet Sever to publish it after the elections, in order to not be considered as having affected the election results of June 7.