“Jihad” threats for attacks in Kosovo cause major concerns for police and citizens

“Jihad” threats for attacks in Kosovo cause major concerns for police and citizens

Pristina, November 13, 2013

Authorities in Kosovo have officially admitted that serious threats for terrorist attacks have been coming. These threats have caused concerns for the citizens of Kosovo, as they fear the risk of innocent victims.

The threat came from “Jemat of Tehut and Jihad in Kosovo”, a few days after police of Kosovo arrested 6 Albanian citizens who are suspected of preparing terrorist acts and other acts against law and order in Kosovo

Why did the arrests take place

Arrests have been carried out in Pristina and Gjilan during an operation that followed an investigation that lasted several months. This investigation was carried out by Police of Kosovo in cooperation with the Intelligence Agency of Kosovo.

Police spokesman, Baki Kelani said that the operation has led to the discovery and seizure of fire arms, an amount of money and several cars used by the suspects.

The six arrested people have been remanded into custody for 30 days. Two of them are being investigated on suspicion of instigating hatred in relation to a physical attack against two US citizens on November 3, 2013. Media have reported that the two American women were part of the EvangelistChurch and that they were attacked when they were distributing religious pamphlets.


Threats through electronic mail

Police of Kosovo are investigating the direct threat made against this institution of law and order by an unknown organization which calls itself “Jemat of Tehut and Jihad in Kosovo”.

The threat has arrived via e-mail. This announcement has also reached several newspapers in Kosovo. The announcement asks police of Kosovo to release those who have been arrested for terrorist attacks, otherwise “they will face serious and painful attacks”.

Official sources from the police of Kosovo said on Wednesday for balkaneu.com that Anti-Terrorist Unit at the Police of Kosovo and other specialized units have worked in order to locate the threatening message. These units are mobilized and they’re now aware of the location the message has come from where. But, the difficulty consists on the fact if the threatening message has been sent from public spaces in the located area.

Investigations extend outside of Kosovo

There are suspicions that one of the arrested men has been in Syria fighting amongst insurgents against the forces of Bashar Al Assad regime, is believed to be close to Al Qaeda.

In fact, hundreds of people from Kosovo, Albania and FYR Macedonia are reported to have gone to Syria to fight.

On its part, the Islamic Community of Kosovo has called on believers in Kosovo not to be affected by the developments in the Middle East and Syria. Islamic Community of Kosovo is against the engagement of citizens of Kosovo in the war in Syria. /ibna/