Jahjaga: Kosovo’s main objective is EU accession

Jahjaga: Kosovo’s main objective is EU accession

Pristina, July 15, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

President of Kosovo, Atifete Jahjaga is participating in the joint summit “Brdo-Brioni Process”, an informal incentive for cooperation between the countries of the region, in the context of aspirations for accession in Euro Atlantic organizations.

During her speech, Jahjaga has thanked the German chancellor, Angela Merkel-who is participating in this summit-for the support that Germany has given to Kosovo.

Jahjaga has reconfirmed that the main objective of Kosovo is the EU accession, but like she said, “Kosovo is not seeking shortcuts, but full reformation”.

“I’m happy that we meet in this way, because it’s the best way to express the change that has taken place during these years in the region, a change that would be impossible without the precious help of Germany and your constructive role in encouraging us to embrace reforms and for the EU perspective to open for our countries”, said Jahjaga to chancellor Merkel.

“Accession  in the European Union remains the main agenda that joins us, which preserves peace and stability in the region and which catalyzes the changes for more cooperation and partnership between us and the citizens that we represent”, added Jahjaga.

Talking about the talks between Pristina and Belgrade, Jahjaga said that Kosovo has been engaged to build good neighborly relations.

“During the past two years, we have been engaged in improving our relations with Serbia. As we have shown in our talks with Serbia, we didn’t expect normalization to take place, but we created normalization. First of all, with the Serb community, by insuring their full integration and then with Serbia, by finding common points in addressing many issues that amount to the essence of the challenges that we as a region face-the introduction of good neighborly relations, rule of law, crime and corruption”, said Jahjaga. /ibna/