Jahjaga appeals for fight against corruption

Jahjaga appeals for fight against corruption

Pristina, September 5, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Corruption and organized crime cannot be fought with words, but with actions, through the enforcement of laws, through our political will to fight phenomena which affect every segment of our life and which can endanger democratic processes of our country.

This was declared on Friday by the president of the republic, Atifete Jahjaga in the conference “The evaluation of the implementation of action plan for the increase of efficiency in the fight of corruption”, organized by the Kosovo Institute for Justice.

“Today, we’re in front of a decisive moment for the future of the state, which depends on our actions to face challenges. We’re in an important period for the country, where processes that we’re going through, are determined by our strength and courage to act. And our actions entirely depend on our political will, because corruption and organized crime cannot go way just because we want this”, declared Jahjaga.

According to her, corruption is damaging democratic processes and the rule of law.

“Corruption affects the quality of the life of our citizens, it destroys the main cells of our society and leads  to other dangerous phenomena. It can also damage its values”, said the president.

She said that all institutions must be engaged in fighting this phenomenon, which is preventing economic development and the integration of Kosovo.

“We must show together that we can assume our responsibility in the fight against corruption. We want our citizens to move freely, like the other citizens of the region, in the EU countries. This process of the liberalization of visas depends on us and leaders of institutions, prosecutors and judges. Corruption will not prevent the free movement of our citizens and the integration of the country in the EU. This is why we need strength and will! Fight against corruption must be made at every level, central and local. Fight against corruption must not be fragmented, selective and incomplete. It’s comprehensive, because corruption damages every segment of life”, added Jahjaga. /ibna/