Ivanov’s disappearance

Ivanov’s disappearance

Erol Rizaov

Is the state public prosecutor waiting for Gjorge Ivanov to flee the country, and then initiate an indictment against the president of the state, who committed serious crimes with obstruction of justice for many years, actively participates in blocking the realization of the most important strategic state interests, such as the Euro-Atlantic integrations and EU and NATO membership, he keeps flagrantly breaking the Constitution, protects criminals and corrupt politicians, and destroys the reputation of the country at home and abroad by stating lies about his own country in international conferences, and even from the rostrum of the UN as some kind of a prophet he announced the apocalyptic predictions for the disappearance of Macedonia. Ivanov’s role in the events of 27 April last year is becoming increasingly evident, not only by prolonging the mandate of the majority, but also by his willingness to declare a state of emergency in the country, which, if proven, places him among the organizers of the coup.

Gjorge Ivanov, recently as part of his series “I against all”, made a statement from Poland with the threat that our homeland will disappear because the Agreement with Greece means that Macedonia is giving up its historical past and the universal right to self-determination. The adoption of the constitutional changes will mark the end of the existence of the country and of the Macedonian people and the Macedonian language, said Ivanov, abusing prominent councils, as if he were at a rally in Valandovo.

Nobody has cast such anathema and schism on Macedonia. But you have to admit that he is right about one thing. The shortest path to the disappearance of Macedonia and the Macedonians was traced and brought in the stage of realization after he became president of Macedonia and after obediently, as a freshman performing house chores given by Nikola Gruevski, today’s fugitive from justice and an asylum seeker in Hungary, whom Ivanov wanted to pardon while abusing his office, and release him from any responsibility. The disappearance of Macedonia was prevented by the fall of the regime of Gruevski, and the beginning of the Euro-Atlantic integration will be marked by the fall of Gjorge Ivanov and his confrontation with justice.

Macedonia will become eternal with the release of the most incompetent and worst president the country had in its 74 years of parliamentary history. Frustrated with his miserable performance and wasted ten years of the life of Macedonia, he equates his own disappearance from the political and public scene with the disappearance of the country. Falsely presenting himself as a divine messenger preaching home and around the world: There will be great floods after I’m gone. When he was to leave from the Vodno villa, Macedonia would seize to exist. A story with which one could easily diagnose the author even without a medical degree. We managed to endure a crazy president of the state for ten years. It does not say much about us. It seems like something is wrong with us when we accept to endure this puppet, which instead of the defendant’s bench as an obstructer of justice and a coup supporter, still represents the country at home and abroad.

Not a single President of the Republic of Macedonia did these things for decades in such a damaging and disgraceful way to his people and his country with his decisions and speeches, but also with his silence and abstention crises when fulfilling his constitutional obligations, as did the village sage Itar Pejo. The damage done in the country and the reputation of the state on the international scene is still catastrophic, which Ivanov did and unfortunately and still does, unobstructed by anyone in his ten years long and twice suspicious presidential term.

It’s astounding how no one stood on Gjorge Ivanov’s way. Apart from the criticisms that obviously Ivanov tolerates well and proudly accepts as evidence that he is successfully performing his God-given mission, he was not once called by the Public Prosecutor’s Office or by the Constitutional Court to clarify his actions when he decided not to sign the decrees on the lawful and legitimate decisions of the Assembly, which he is obliged to sign under the Constitution. He was also not called when he decided to hinder the constitution of the highest parliamentary legislature by the majority in parliament after a credible and free election.

Gjorge Ivanov has shown for two ten-years-long terms what kind of president Macedonia does not need. He, with his catastrophic errors, with his political DNA investigations into a more ancient antique past, with his defense of crime and the plunder of the country, with participation in the impoverishment of the citizens, with his anti-European and anti-NATO, anti-neighborly actions with his antidemocratic and anti-liberal determination, of interethnic intolerance, refusing to be president of all citizens, embracing one-party positions, was completely put on the side of the regime as one of the greatest bearers and propagators of Gruevism in Macedonia. History will soon put him in his place, while in the collective memory he will be remembered as a faceless figure who, during a time of rough partisation and falsification of elections, became the president of Macedonia, and there stayed in this post as a clothes rack for a whole decade. As a major embarrassment of all contemporaries and witnesses of historical errors on the road to progress and freedom./IBNA

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