Ivanov to Pendarovski: It’s easy to criticize from outside

Ivanov to Pendarovski: It’s easy to criticize from outside

“I will be the President of everyone and I will work for the country”

Skopje, March 17, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

VMRO-DPMNE presidential candidate, current president George Ivanov says that he will continue his mission to grow the prestige of the country in the international arena, by promising that the state interests will be his top priority.

“I’m obliged to take Macedonia’s messages to world capitals and I’m obliged to listen to the voice of my fellow citizens. During my 5 year term in office as a president, international prestige of Macedonia grew”, says Ivanov, who runs for a second presidential term in office nominated by the biggest Macedonian party, VMRO-DPMNE.

In the past few days, Mr. Ivanov has faced accusations by his rival candidate, Stevo Pendarovski. The latter says that the role of the president has lost its dignity.

Reacting on these comments, president Ivanov declared that he respects his rival, but it’s not easy to be a president ahead of serious challenges that the country has.

“It’s easy to criticize from outside, but it’s different to take decisions, to draft strategies and to face serious challenges that relate to important national and state interests. Politics and in particular, the leadership of a country such as Macedonia, requires more knowledge, responsibility and commitment”, said Ivanov.

As far as the name dispute with Greece is concerned, president Ivanov says that the country has clear stances on this issue and that the change of the constitutional name will not be allowed.

As far as BDI accusations are concerned, according to which this party doesn’t see a consensual representative on this president, Ivanov criticized the second party in the government coalition saying that the idea for major constitutional changes for the election of the president and changes in the political system of the country lie behind the idea of this party. /ibna/