Ivanov: I will not allow constitutional amendments for the name change

Ivanov: I will not allow constitutional amendments for the name change

Skopje, May 12, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

The inauguration of president George Ivanov was held today in the parliament of former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. This solemn session saw the absence of the Macedonian opposition, but also of MPs from the Albanian party, BDI (Democratic Union for Integration), who do not consider the president elected in the April 27 elections as a legitimate president.

In his speech as a president who has won a second term in office, Mr. Ivanov considered the elections as highly democratic and fair.

The president also talked about the priority issues during this term in office, while he stopped at the name dispute. He said that he will not allow constitutional changes for the change of the country’s name.

“The Constitution, to which I’ve sworn, obliges me to defend the constitutional name of our country. I will not allow the change of Constitution in order to change the constitutional name”, declared Ivanov. He said that he will not accept ideas or proposals which would endanger the Macedonian national identity, language and model of cohabitation in the country.

During his inauguration today in parliament, George Ivanov has also criticized BDI of Ali Ahmeti.

“In this term in office, some opposition parties reject the verdict of the people, by not accepting the election result. As leader of the state, I’m saddened by these reactions and actions, because I’m their leader. Today I must publicly say: Those who think of boycotting the institution of the Head of the State of Macedonia, boycott in fact the citizens who have voted in the presidential elections”, said Ivanov among others.

Present in the session have been VMRO-DPMNE lawmakers, but also MPs from the Albanian Democratic Party (PDSH). /ibna/