It’s about love

It’s about love

The sun on June 30 slowly goes down and the night slowly covers the cities and villages over Nazi Germany. Nobody even dreams that that night and the next two will be recorded in the history of mankind as the Night of the Long Knives, a symbol of political executions. Hitler executed 85 party members and compatriots by clearing his party ranks in the name of love for Germany. Germany above all, Germany first and foremost – he hysterically screamed until he committed suicide in the middle of the ruined city of Berlin in the devastated Germany. Seventy years later in Macedonia, one screaming lady in a fur coat climbs up on a barrel and calls for the night on the long knives in the name of love, yet again. Only four months later, Macedonia experienced that night of the long knives, when an attempt was made to liquidate political opponents in the name of love for the homeland.

The bloody Thursday is the Macedonian night of long knives, but the motive is not the same as seven decades ago. The goal of this particular night was not to conquer or hold power over the government, but rather to cover up crime and avoid criminal liability. The love of the criminogenic structure of the then ruling party cost Macedonia about five billion euros and hundreds of thousands of expelled young and promising people from the country.

Two years later, the same structure, with its satellites, servants and spineless creatures, portrays crime as love for the homeland, while avoiding accountability as patriotism.

Amnesty or not, change of name or not, negotiations and blackmail, conditioning and framing, reforms, platforms, referendum and a lot of hatred and rage. This is briefly our political and social everyday life, which is, in fact, playing games not with the interlocutor, but with the people on which everyone tries to inculcate love and quasi-patriotism. Love for the homeland, love for the roots, history, state, love for Macedonia.

The people are divided, frightened, concerned and confused, they support one or the other option by expressing outrage, hatred and intolerance towards anyone who has a different opinion than what each group thinks is right.
Falsely presenting it as love, the privatization and the grabbing of the right to patriotism and exclusive truth by a small, but very powerful criminal and political structure has divided the people on all grounds and issues only to save themselves from accountability, justice, and property confiscation.

Buying property at Vodno at ridiculous prices, percentage of tenders shoved in their own pockets, taking over companies and destroying competition is not love for the homeland and the people, but rather a crime of the worst kind due to abuse of trust and the given power. It is a direct impoverishment of the people and taking from the already empty national pocket. Someone who steals from you does not love you, he only takes advantage for their own personal goals.

Rigging elections, unlawful financing and mocking the will of the voters is not love for the homeland, the state and the people, but a crime with the intention and desire to remain in power and to be untouchable because of the concealment of financial crime. Someone who does not respect your vote, the right to free thought, free word and conviction does not love you, someone who calls you “tiny people” does not love you, they only take advantage for their own personal goals and needs.

The rewriting of history, the antiquisation of the state, the celebration of quasi-patriots and baroque buildings are merely mocking the people, its past and its future, and that is not and can never be love of their homeland. Disobedience of the brightest part of Macedonian history, the disrespect of Cyril and Methodius, the anti-fascist fight, are not love but making the people ignorant and mocking with its collective memory, history and future.
This is not about love for the people and the homeland, but it’s about loving only themselves and their stolen money, power and authority, as well as saving themselves from their criminal activities.
The love for the homeland, history, the name, the identity and the support of the same “patriotic parasites” with the love of “justice” and their “success” in the judiciary ultimately amounts to enormous crime and robbery, with personal wealth and fear of accountability. Therefore, they each wrap their every action in love towards the abstract to hide the specific by forcing the part of the people who still trust them forward as a shield.

Can one say that he/she loves his/her homeland and his/her people, identity and history, while deliberately and knowingly forge all history and identity, making the people something that is not. Is stealing a way of showing love? Is love legal uncertainty, inequality before the law, double arguments, intolerance and irresponsibility for the closest, framed court cases for the unscrupulous? Are the people and the country loved with dividing and separating, by sowing ethnic and religious hatred, with impatience towards the opponents? Is international isolation and a constant dispute with the neighbors love for their country?

Selling empty talk, pathological insincerity, kleptomania, hate and cowardice have never been love, but have always been a subject of psychiatry. Once and for all, we must see that what we are looking for in the end is a society that is in peace with itself, a society that can live with its conscience. Such a thing is achieved only by clearing all the crimes, suspicions and deceits, punishment to everyone who committed crimes as an example and a reminder for the rest. That is how you love your country.

Zvonko Davidovic