Italian police aircrafts film plots cultivated with narcotics in Albania (VIDEO)

Italian police aircrafts film plots cultivated with narcotics in Albania (VIDEO)

Tirana, 23 July 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

Upon the request of Albanian authorities, specialized aircrafts of the Italian police are carrying out air inspections of the entire territory of Albania, in an effort to identify plots of land cultivated with narcotic substances.

In the video below, IBNA brings you images from the inspections that unveiled plots cultivated with narcotic substances in several areas of the country.

Police Commissioner, Haki Cako,  General Director of Order and Security, Altin Qato and the head of Interforza Mission, Dr. Michele Grillo followed one of the anti-cannabis operations taken place in the area of Tepelena.

“The operation was held in the framework of the implementation of the operative protocol between Ministry of Interior Affairs of Albania and Ministry of Interior Affairs of Italy to conduct aerial monitoring with special aircrafts of the Guardia di Finanza which have the latest technology”, Mr. Cako says.

Cooperation with Guardia di Finanza and Naples University has started in 2012 and from one year to another, this has led to a strengthening of State Police in its operations against cultivation of cannabis.

This operation saw the engagement of 50 police forces and the destruction of 6,100 narcotic substances in these plots of land.

This year, due to the operation taken place last year in Lazarat and Dukagjin, but also in the whole of the territory, the phenomenon of cultivation has seen changes. Cultivated areas have been reduced, but the number of small sized plots has grown.

From 1 January until 22 July 2015, authorities have destroyed 261.699 cannabis plants.

In 2014, authorities destroyed 530.177 cannabis plants. /ibna/