Italian company invests in the Free Economic Zone of Tetovo

Italian company invests in the Free Economic Zone of Tetovo

Skopje, August 27, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

Italian company, ITEK will invest in the construction of a production plant in the Free Economic Zone in Tetovo. This company which deals with the production of the glass fiber and carbon profiles, is expected to invest 3,8 million Euros for the construction of the plant with an area of 4 thousand square meters. This is the first investment in this economic area located in the western part of the country.

“The investment will be made through Pro Comp Advance Technologies and five production lines will be opened for the production of glass and carbon fibers. This investment will see the opening of 120 new jobs”, said the minister of Economy, Bekim Neziri.

Minister Neziri warned the constant and active promotion of the country, as according to him, thanks to this promotion, many foreign companies have announced that they will make new investments and soon, the country will see the arrival of the Italian company ‘Diatek’, American company ‘Key Safety Systems’, Turkish company ‘Veibo’, German company ‘Technicap Tekstil’, British company ‘Euro BPO’, German company ODB ELEKRIK, Ukrainian company ‘Energia’, Italian company ‘Montante Group’ and many others.

ITEK is a leader in the industry of the construction of installations for the production of ready-made materials used in construction, agriculture, auto industry, railway communication, etc. /ibna/