It has to be over by March 7: The Piraeus port master plan review

It has to be over by March 7: The Piraeus port master plan review

A committee, supervised by the Greek ministry of shipping announced on Tuesday that “the public consultation on the master plan of the port of Piraeus, Greece’s main port that is majority-owned by China’s COSCO Shipping, must be completed in the next 10 business days”, as ANA-MPA reported.

That was reminded after complaints made by the mayors of the greater Piraeus area (Piraeus proper, Keratsini-Drapetsona, Perama and the island of Salamina) regarding the very tight original deadline. The adoption of the mayors’ proposals is not a must. However, in case it does adopt them, “it must file an amendmed master plan or justify its rejection of any of them.

The master plan was presented by the Piraeus Port Authority (PPA) on January 22, and the committee wants the consultation process to be completed by March 7.”

Future plans for the port

  1. Expanded logistics centre
  2. Tourist and infrastructure facilities
  3. Construction of a new passenger station
  4. Extension of the south port where cruise ships will be able to be anchored
  5. Re-doing the “Pagoda” (a building with a curved roof) and turning old depot structures into 4- and 5-star hotels
  6. Construction of a new hotel unit in the Porto Leone area of the port
  7. Creation of two five-level car parks
  8. Building a migration museum

Also according to the ANA-MPA, there will be eco buses provided by the PPA for the public’s accomodation around the port area.

“In earlier statements, Cosco had said that a new logistics control tower would promote Greece and its geographic position as a gateway and transit area for the whole East Mediterranean”…/IBNA