Those who want to use issues of the past must be stopped, says Speaker of the Albanian Parliament

Those who want to use issues of the past must be stopped, says Speaker of the Albanian Parliament

Tirana, 17 October 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

Speaker of the Albanian Parliament, Ilir Meta says that there are still several pending issues with Greece, considering them as wounds from the past, but he requests for them not to be used politically.

Speaking for the Greek press after the visit that he held in the recent days in Athens, Mr. Meta said that “we have several wounds from the past which we must handle carefully and constructively, because even if you caress a wound, it still hurts!”.

Therefore, Meta asks for extremities to be stopped: In both sides of the border, we must stop the tendency to speculate and use issues concerning the past for electoral purposes.

In an interview for “Kathimerini”, Meta explained what were the pending issues with Greece: “The first one relates to the War Law with Albania, which Greece has not yet abolished. This meaningless law needs to be abrogated through a formal act, an act which would confirm the positive existing climate between our two countries”, Meta said, adding that “there can be ‘no state of war’ between two good neighboring countries and two NATO members”, as according to him, “this is a paradox”.

“The second issue relates to wounds of the past which must be reopened. Here he requested a solution for the Greek cemeteries in the Albanian territory, history texts, delimitation of the continental shelf and the “Tcham issue”, for which he admitted that Athens and Tirana have opposite stances.

Meta says that he’s optimistic that “there’s a will both in Tirana and Athens to address any pending issue through open and transparent dialogue, through good will,  mutual trust and through a constructive approach, as European countries do”.

Mr. Meta’s comments on the use of the wounds of the past wounds for electoral interests, are being commented in Tirana and are targeting PDIU, the party that defends the interests of the Cham community, which after leaving the right wing coalition, joined the government coalition led by Edi Rama and Ilir Meta. /