ISR confirms that over half of Romanians do not engage in sports-related activity

ISR confirms that over half of Romanians do not engage in sports-related activity

In an official statement, Romania’s Sports Institute (ISR) said that “Almost three quarters of Romanians spend at least two and a half hours each day sitting down, in front of the TV or computer. 51 percent of Romanians never take part in physical activity.”

If this is added to the findings of the most recent Eurobarometer (issued in 2018 but presents 2017 data) conducted by the European Commission on sport and physical activity across the EU which found that Romania’s population is the second most sedentary in the bloc, results are disheartening.

According to the report’s data, the number of Romanians who do not engage in any physical activity has grown since 2013. As a result there are more cardiovascular disease or diabetes cases. Furthermore, the lack of physical activity is identified as the fourth main risk factor for global mortality, according to the World Health Organization.

ISR president Adrian Socaciu believes that local politicians and governing bodies (also “uneducated” on the matter) should offer incentives to the people as practical encouragement to keep healthy, happier and be more active.

“The EC’s Eurobarometer shows that the number of people who take part in physical activity to improve their health is down by 12 percent from 2013. From my point of view,” he notes, “politicians will continue to view sports as something minor, if they don’t understand the role and importance it has in society. What’s missing is a real partnership in three essential sectors for a healthy population: sports, healthcare and education.”….. / IBNA