ISIS: Jihadists are returning to Europe

ISIS: Jihadists are returning to Europe

The new wave of terrorist attacks in Spain, Finland and Germany, the threat of attacks in other European countries, and the approaching 9/11 have raised security to the highest level of alert.

The continued loss of ground by ISIS and its imminent defeat, forces many of the “fighters” to seek return to their homelands. But apart from those who voluntarily left, there is an organized project by the ISIS leadership to bring the “holy war” to the West. This transfer of jihad, according to IBNA information, is organized and planned.

Reliable sources who have had contact with ISIS members told IBNA how the selected “fighters” are prepared to go through Europe through refugee flows, creating ready-made nuclei in the heart of Europe.

According to IBNA sources, the selection of the transferred “fighters” is based on ISIS dedication, battlefield performance, physical condition and communication skills.

When the “fighter” passes the first evaluation process and he meets the criteria, the process of turning him into a refugee begins. Thus for about two months his diet is significantly reduced and consists only of water and bread. When the fighter has lost weight and muscle, he is taken to refugee traffickers and he integrates with them. They usually have new identities with them if they have not been officially recorded in a European country with biometric data.

Of course, their recognition by the security authorities is difficult, but there are always mistakes and habits that might reveal the”fighters”.

A journalist who covered ISIS battles and spoke with the jihadists explained to IBNA that they have habits that can easily be identified by the law enforcement authorities and be put under surveillance.

Their body posture, due to their participation in military operations and training, is very good, which is rare for real refugees who have for a long time, been carrying things or people on their backs. As a clinical psychologist told IBNA, poor psychological conditions, anxiety and insecurity, result in people slouching.

Isolation. While in the hot spots at the beginning, the transported “fighters” are with other refugees so they do not look suspicious, they then move away and spend more time alone than with the rest.

Finally, another element that may reveal a former “fighter” is their dressing preference. As a journalist who lived with them explained to IBNA their service with ISIS has become second nature, so they always wear a hat, usually of a military type or baseball type, with a slightly curved bustle on the side.

IBNA had the opportunity to see these features in a small group of migrants who had gone to a Greek island before they were even transferred to organized facilities.

The flows of transported “fighters” are expected to increase as ISIS loses the war. The Balkans have served as a feeder of “militants” by the region’s radicalized Muslims. Greece and Bulgaria will act as a bridge in their return, something that needs special attention from the security authorities.

As far as a terrorist attack in Greece is concerned, it seems somewhat difficult that it will take place in the near future, as no one wants to “burn” the bridge that will help them across./ΙΒΝΑ