Isa Mustafa is elected speaker of the parliament of Kosovo

Isa Mustafa is elected speaker of the parliament of Kosovo

Pristina, July 17, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

With 65 votes in favor, the leader of the Democratic League of Kosovo, Isa Mustafa has been elected speaker of parliament during the parliament session held without the presence of the Democratic Party of Kosovo.

Earlier, Flora Brovina MP has suspended the session in the absence of a quorum and PDK lawmakers left the hall, unable to elect Agim Aliu as speaker of parliament. But, the coalition consisting of LDK, AAK and INCENTIVE and Self Determination MPs along with minority parties MPs have returned in the hall and formed the necessary quorum to elect Isa Mustafa as speaker of parliament.

Present in the voting were 83 MPs, 65 of which voted in favor while 18 of them abstained.

The newly elected speaker of parliament thanked the MPs for their trust and said that he will work in the best interest of the country.


“I’d like to thank the participants and diplomatic representatives. I will work in the best interest of everyone. We will also work for the minority and in the next meeting, the deputy speakers coming from their ranks will be voted”, said Mustafa.

Mustafa also mentioned his engagement for development, integration of the communities, fight against corruption and the close partnership with the international community.

Vice chairman of PDK, Adem Grabovci considered the election of Isa Mustafa as speaker of parliament as a “little coup d’etat”.

Grabovci said that Mustafa’s election is anti constitutional, as the temporary speaker of parliament had suspended the proceedings due to the lack of quorum.

He said that this issue would be taken to the Constitutional Court, which is the authority with the power to evaluate constitutional violations. /ibna/