Isa Mustafa doesn’t give up on his election as speaker of parliament

Isa Mustafa doesn’t give up on his election as speaker of parliament

Pristina, October 16, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton tota

Leader of the Democratic Union for Integration, Isa Mustafa, says that the constitution of parliament and the formation of the government in Kosovo cannot be made by those who insult from Pristina and even less from Tirana.

Thus, Mustafa has rejected the calls launched by several analysts for the opposition bloc to give up on the post of the speaker of parliament, which he was promised by the coalition when the agreement was signed.

Leader of LDK continues to insist on the position of the speaker of parliament, in spite of the ruling of the Constitutional Court, that this post belongs to the party that won the elections, Democratic Party of Kosovo.

“We’re facing a new situation after the national elections, as a result of the constitutional specifics and constitutional interpretation of the post election coalition and parliamentary majority in parliament, which doesn’t comply with constitutional practices of other countries”, declared Mustafa.

He said that all the representatives of political parties have an obligation for their voters, their parties and the citizens.

‘We’re working every day in order to solve this situation and find a long term solution, because in circumstances when parliament has 120 seats, 20 of them are seats reserved for minority communities, therefore no Albanian party can form a government without a post election coalition. In reality, nobody in Kosovo has managed so far to form a government with a pre election coalition. Even us at LDK when we had 50 seats”, added Mustafa.

According to him, the institutional solution would be a sustainable solution, based on European democratic practices of the countries that have an experience in the parliamentary system.

“We need positive support from independent institutions and all of those who do not offer bargaining and lowly insults, but from those who work in the best interest of every political subject in Kosovo”, added Mustafa. /ibna/