Involvement of Kosovars with ISIS is concerning, OSCE ambassador says

Involvement of Kosovars with ISIS is concerning, OSCE ambassador says

Pristina, 15 December 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

OSCE ambassador to Kosovo, Jean Claude Schlumberger declared today that societies all around the world are facing extremism and radicalism. He said that bridges must be build in order to address these challenges between communities, institutions and countries of the region.

Schlumberger made these comments during the discussion on violent extremism and radicalism that is leading to terrorism, hosted by the Ministry of Interior and heads of communes.

According to him, the involvement of Kosovo citizens with ISIS is a phenomenon that must be stopped as soon as possible.

“Fight against extremism demands a unique approach by police, NGOs, media and family. All of them play an important role in preventing this phenomenon”, OSCE ambassador said.

Luan Keka of the Department against Terrorism, said that prevention and fight against extremism cannot be achieved only by police, but there must be a cross institutional approach on this.

“Although the citizens of Kosovo have rejected this phenomenon, a large number of young people have joined the fights in Iraq. According to the information by the police of Kosovo, the number of Kosovars who have traveled to conflict areas in different periods is 300, while 50 of them have been declared killed”, he declared. /ibna/