Interview with the left wing politician, Elmaz Sherifi, over the latest political developments

Interview with the left wing politician, Elmaz Sherifi, over the latest political developments

One of the most prominent figures of the Socialist Party, who has been an MP of this party and also a minister, prof. Elmaz Sherifi, comments in this interview for IBNA the political developments of the recent days.

The former MP of the Socialist Party says that he’s happy while he sees a campaign “without noise”. But he says that political parties are racing through propaganda and not alternatives. Elmaz Sherifi says that the election system is deformed, overshadowing MPs and enabling party leaders to be on the spotlight.

Mr. Sherifi answers to IBNA’s question as to how he sees the holding of this election campaign, by saying that this election campaign has been quiet, without posters, without flags, something different compared to the past 27 years. Sherifi adds that such campaign is close to his concept of holding a campaign.

“This sort of campaign will not have any subjective impact on the voters, because election campaigns in Albania in the past 27 years have been exaggerated, but also very expensive. And when control by institutions in charge of the expenses of the campaign is lacking, then the campaign is deformed. So, it’s better like this, without too much noise. Of course, this doesn’t make everyone happy, because their philosophy is noise rather than logic and the program”, Mr. Sherifi says.

But how deformed is the election system in Albania? Mr. Sherifi explains: “Yes, it is deformed, because the leaders alone are on the spotlight. But even the leadership offers more show rather than present the party’s program to the people. What’s more, the other candidates or MPs in this campaign are on the shadow, because they do not compete through alternatives like candidates, but through the party’s lists”.

Sherifi sees Rama-Basha agreement as necessary. “It was normal within normality. It was an incentive to bring back Albanian politics to normality. In my opinion, it was a positive agreement at the right time. All of those who have a political experience realize that the political battle has become very interesting, despite the special tendencies that parties have”.

According to Mr. Sherifi, “this will be one of the most regular campaigns that has ever been held in Albania and will be a match between voters and the election outcome”. /