Interview with Albanian socialist MP Fadil Nasufi

Interview with Albanian socialist MP Fadil Nasufi

“This opposition is at the crossroads and it has serious issues. However, true democrats must reflect and act. Time has come for a new competitive opposition…”. This was said during an exclusive interview for Albanian Free press by socialist MP, Fadil Nasufi. According to him, the opposition’s protests are damaging the image of the country, while spreading fear and insecurity. The socialist MP also says that these protests are damaging the opening of EU accession talks in June.

Interviewed for Albanian Free Press by Albert Zholi

According to you, did the protest that the opposition hold bring anything new as opposed to previous protests that he opposition has held?

It brought nothing new, except for the usual speeches delivered by Basha and Kryemadhi calling for Edi Rama to be removed from office. The protest is giving rise to a radical group which is inciting violence, provoking police and encouraging instability, in order to tarnish the country’s image, while spreading fear and insecurity. People are not represented in this protest. I have noticed that many honest democrats have distanced themselves from these acts.

What was different about this protest?

A month of preparations and meetings all over Albania were needed for this protest. However, the number of people who are attending these protests is shrinking. There’s no cause and alternative. What we see is just the fact that the opposition’s leadership is trying to impose itself upon the government in an effort to seize power.

How have these protests been received by public opinion in the country and by the international community? What about the opposition’s decision to boycott parliament?

The opposition’s decisions and actions are anti-constitutional. They’re a blow to the very foundations of democracy. This is a dangerous precedent which brings instability and delegitimizes constitutional institutions. This opposition will never been able to come to power through the vote of the people. We’ve seen how they abuse with power and how they block reforms. The opposition does not have the support of the majority of Albanians and it does not have the support of the international community.

Did these protests strengthen the government’s and PM Rama’s position or did they shake it?

The government does not enjoy this situation. We all know the damage that these protests cause to the country and its image. These acts bring insecurity, instability and uncertainty for businesses, tourism, investments and development. How many years would it take to improve an image which is destroyed within a day?

How do you see the future of the opposition’s protests?

If protests turn violent, like we saw during the protests taken place on February 16 and March 16, then this could damage Albania and the opposition too. This opposition cannot offer Albanians a true alternative that people can believe in.

Does the opposition’s decision to boycott parliament jeopardize the opening of accession talks in June? What developments are you expecting to see in the country?

Of course it damages this process. There’s no dialogue and there’s no contribution by the opposition for the opening of accession talks. Its actions are aimed to discredit the integration process.

Do you think the opposition will participate in the local elections?

This opposition is unpredictable. It’s desperate and chaotic. They act out of fear from the new justice system that is coming. Self-annihilation does not lead anywhere. This is the path it has chosen. We win thanks to our performance, value system and the successful models that we have to offer in local government.