International inquiry on the event in Kumanovo, says UN official

International inquiry on the event in Kumanovo, says UN official

Skopje, 22 May 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

UN Secretary General assistant, Ivan Simonovic demanded an inquiry on the events of Kumanovo.

“There must be a prompt and independent inquiry on the case of Kumanovo and on the wiretapping affair, but I think that it’s necessary to have international assistance. This inquiry has its legal dimension, but also its political dimension. It’s important for the results of the inquiry to be credible for all”, said Simonovic, who concluded a two day visit in FYROM, following the violent events taken place in Kumanovo on May 9.

The UN official demanded a detailed inquiry for the wiretapping affair too. According to him, human rights have been violated in FYROM through the massive eavesdropping.

Commenting the political crisis in the country, Simonovic called for the crisis to be overcome and encouraged talks which are being held between political players with the international brokerage.

During his two day visit to Skopje, Simonovic met with the Prosecutor General Marko Zvrleski, president of the country, George Ivanov, Interior Minister, Mitko Cavkov, Ombudsman Ixhet Mehmeti and representatives of the opposition.

Simonovic said that the UN is worried about problems relating to democracy, freedom of speech, media and pressure against civil society. /ibna/