International community is concerned about the tense situation in FYROM

International community is concerned about the tense situation in FYROM

Skopje, April 24, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

Three days from the raid of an armed group in a police post on the border with Kosovo, the incident continues to spark reactions and commentaries from the international community, but also analysts of security issues.

Anka Padudari from the Center for Information in the EU Enlargement Commissioner’s Office, Johannes Hahn, demanded close cooperation between police of FYROM and Kosovo on the situation created in the border area.

“We’re concerned about the violent incident in the police post in Goshinca, on the border with Kosovo. We believe that this incident must be addressed with great responsibility. We expect the authorities and political parties to make maximum efforts in order to avoid the mounting of political and cross ethnic tension. In order to have the situation under control and prevent illegal crossings, there must be a closer cooperation of a high level between Macedonia and Kosovo”, declared Anka Padurari.

The US ambassador to Skopje, Jess Baily, stressed on an interview for the media in the country that US is worried about the crisis in FYROM.

“I don’t want to speculate that the political crisis is turning into a crisis of security, but I believe that the composure of the citizens must be praised. If we go back to our declarations, you will see that our concerns date back a while ago, but now, I can say that our concern about this crisis has grown”, declared the US ambassador, demanding investigations in relation to the wiretapping affair and dialogue between political sides.

Russian reaction sparks debates

Moscow has also reacted on the incident on the border between FYROM and Kosovo.

“We are concerned following information in relation to the incident on the border of Macedonia, when an armed group took a border police post under control. This incident shows that in this part of the Balkan there is still deep tension and there’s room for potential conflict. The failure to establish a serious rule of law in Kosovo and the failure to solve the Kosovo problem in its entirety, have largely contributed for this situation. This can no longer be ignored, along with the added slogans of Great Albania”, says the press release of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

But the Russian reaction has sparked internal reactions in Skopje. The prominent diplomat and former Foreign Minister, Denko Maleski told IBNA that Russia’s reaction comes due to the fact that FYROM doesn’t still have a defined position in the foreign policy aspect and that this is a country which has remained outside NATO and EU.

“The delay in the aspect of Euro Atlantic integration is giving way to potential interventions by other factors and in this case, Russia. In the current vacuum that the country finds itself, we have expected intervention from other powers. It would be dangerous if one of us “winks” at Russia and plays its game in order to balance the reactions about the situation”, declared the professor of international right, Denko Maleski.

Situation is calm in the border area, police continues the inquiries

In the region of the mountain village of Goshinca, there’s an increased police presence, but residents are concerned about the possibility of other incidents in this border area. The Ministry of Interior has informed that inquiries are being made about the incident taken place in the border police post and that the proofs that have been found have been sent for further examination. “Police teams in the northern area of the border continue their patrols and operative teams have also had a joint meeting with police authorities of Kosovo on the incident in order to boost security in this border area”, says the press release of the Ministry of Interior.

Last night in Kumanovo, special units have raided Albanian homes by arresting two people who are suspected to be linked with the incident in question. The families have been alarmed as a result of these arrests. The target of the arrests was Rexhep Rexhepi, former member of the National Liberation Army , but also a member of the Kosovo Liberation Army. The Ministry of Interior has not issued an official declaration about these arrests, stressing that investigations continue and that fire arms have been found at the home of the arrested people. /ibna/