Interest to invest in Kosovo falls

Interest to invest in Kosovo falls

Direct foreign investments in Kosovo registered a fall of 100 million euros last year compared to 2015. According to the official data of the Central Bank of Kosovo, foreign investments last year in Kosovo amounted to 215.9 million euros, while in 2015, investments were 309.8 million euros.

According to the latest report of the Bank of Kosovo, foreign investments are mainly concentrated in the sector of real estate, construction, financial services and trade.

Shpend Balija, executive director of the European Investors Council in Kosovo says that official authorities in Pristina have continued to conduct reforms in this domain, but more serious efforts are needed in order for the environment for foreign investors to be the same as in other countries of the region.

He also says that the political situation in the country is acting as an obstacle for the arrival of international investors in Kosovo.

“The political situation has an impact in this area. The more stability there is and the sooner the new government is created, the better the climate of investments will be in Kosovo”, Balija says. /